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Eat-Great-Lose-Weight, interested?

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Everyone in the world wants ideal weight, not because of style problems or looks cool, but more importantly is a health problem. Excessive weight sometimes makes people unconfident, lazy and the severe apling causes people to be less productive. Many people try to lose weight by taking drugs and the results "FAIL" even instead of healthy but side effects appear from kidney and other diseases. It is terrible if we misstep in an effort to lose weight. By reviewing article "Nutrition Guide and Weight Loss Planner" I present this article that contains 10 steps of your adventure in an effort to lose weight and you will immediately feel the results.

This is where the adventure begins. With a lot of nutrients and an easy way to do "Eat-Great-Lose-Weight" have 10 steps you can do starting today. The daily menu produces 1,500 calories, a gradual weight loss diet for most women. The 10 steps on "Eat-Great-Lose-Weight" consist of six minimeals each day of about 250 calories. This style of eating not only prevents a decrease in energy, it also seems to help you burn better calories as you get older. For women over 50, this can prevent weight gain by 6 pounds a year.

FIRST STEP: You need to eat nine servings of fruits and vegetables every day Veggies and fruits are the foundation of this diet. You’ll be eating nine ½-cup servings of a variety of fruits and veggies a day. They provide lots of nutrients and fiber, but very few calories.

SECOND:  Eat three to six whole grain foods every day Whole grain foods are loaded with fiber, which whisks calories out of your body before they have a chance to land on your hips. Aim for 25 to 35 g a day. By eating 30 g a day, your body will absorb almost 120 fewer calories a day, adding up to a 13-pound weight loss in a year!

THIRD: Eat two or three calcium-rich foods every day Research has shown that people who get the most calcium from food (about 1,300 mg a day) reduce their chances of becoming overweight by an astonishing 80% compared to those who eat only 255 mg daily. High calcium choices include skim or low-fat milk, yogurt, and cheese, or calcium-fortified orange and grapefruit juices and soymilks.

FOURTH: Eat beans five or more times a week Beans are the highest-fiber foods you can find, with the single exception of breakfast cereals made with wheat bran. Fiber helps absorb calories and keeps you feeling fuller,

FIFTH: Eat nuts five times a week Nuts contain health-boosting monounsaturated “good” fats. The key is not to eat too many; because they’re so high in calories, you could easily gain weight. To avoid temptation, we suggest keeping a jar of chopped nuts in your fridge so they’re a little harder to reach on a whim.

SIXTH: Eat fish twice a week Choose low-mercury fish such as sardines, herring, and wild salmon, which are all high in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. If you are a vegetarian or dislike fish, you can get a plant version of omega-3 fat by using canola oil for cooking and flaxseed oil for salad dressings. You can also eat omega-3–enriched eggs.

SEVENTH: Drink eight glasses of water every day, plus a cup or more of tea Every cell in your body needs water to function. Drinking lots of water helps you feel full too. And every cup of tea providesa strong infusion of antioxidants!

EIGHT: Keep your fat budget To stay within a healthy fat budget 25% of calories from fat—you must first find the maximum fat allowance for your calorie level. Once you know your fat budget, see whether you are staying within the  bounds by adding up the grams of fat for all the food that you eat in a day.

NINTH : Take some sensible nutrition insurance Besides your fabulous diet, take a moderate multivitamin/mineral supplement, plus 100 to 400 international units (IU) of vitamin E and 100 to 500 mg of vitamin C. On days when you eat only two calcium-rich foods, take 500 mg of calcium if you’re under 50 years old; take 1,000 mg of calcium (divided into two separate doses of 500 mg each) if you’re 50 or older.

TENTH: Consider these options carefully These choices are up to you:

1) Poultry and Meat : Up to 3 cooked oz (the size of a deck of cards) per day.

2) Eggs: If you have diabetes or high cholesterol or are overweight, you can eat up to four eggs a week; if you have none of these conditions, up to seven eggs a week is okay.

3) Alcohol: Up to one drink a day for women, and two drinks for men.

4) Sweets: Reserve for special occasions.

Well, that’s the trick to loss our weight in a health way… try it, it’s work!!!!!

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