What is Mental Health?

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Do you know what is meant by Mental Health?

Health is something that is very important for everyone. Because with health we can do many things that are beneficial to ourselves and others. And also with healthy we can have a chance to succeed.

Based on the article entitled investing in mental health issued by WHO or World Health Organization (2003) written that health includes three dimensions of mental health, physical health and social health. In this post we will focus to discuss metal health only.

In a book entitled mental health written by Dewi, K.S. (2012) a health expert, Merriam Webster, says that mental health is a good emotional and psychological state, in which individuals can take advantage of cognitive and emotional abilities, function in their communities, and fulfill needs of his daily life. Based on that opinion, we can know that someone who has a good mental health then emotional and psychological is also good. With a good psychological and emotional state then the individual can take advantage of his ability to think optimally, and mature in behave because emotionally good in addressing a problem faced. Individuals who have mental health will also be beneficial in their social or community environment. This refers to a situation, if there is someone who can not be useful or unacceptable in the community then there is an indication of mental health is disrupted. As well as people who have good mental health can perform an activity such as work so as to meet daily needs.

Dewi, K.S. (2012) in the mental health book also wrote some of the views of other experts who are describing individuals who are mentally healthy. The experts are one of them is Karl Menninger. According to Karl Menninger, healthy mental individuals are individuals who have the ability to hold back, show intelligence, behave with tolerance of other people's feelings, and have a happy life attitude. So it can be concluded individuals who have mental health are those who are able to control himself, not easily provoked if there are incidents that are not as expected. Individuals are smart in responding to phenomena, so it can sort out and choose the right attitude to deal with all the existing individual and social problems of society. Individuals who are mental savvy are also those who have tolerance towards others which means not impose the will in a community, so that the healthy individual will have a life attitude full of happiness.

Lowenthal (2006) provides an illustration of the characteristics of individuals who have a healthy mentality is to have a positive psychological well-being, strong character and virtues. Which means that a healthy individual is an individual who has a good mental or psychological state, strong character and activities or behavior that is done full of virtue.

Dear readers, such articles on healthy mental definitions, may be useful to authors and readers. The author invites the readers, as the younger generation faced with the development of technology and modern lifestyle then we must be frugal in responding, intelligent in thinking. Therefore, we should be able to become an acceptable individual society by behaving in accordance with the values and norms of society so that it will appear a satisfying interpersonal and intersocial relationship. And mental health that has been conferred by God should we guard and we use for the good of self and society widely, so that we will become a useful individual in society.

In closing, the authors will convey in the next post will discuss about "how to maintain mental health". Thank you for visiting and have read our article. We welcome your feedback.

Oleh: Yanda Hadi Kurnianto